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How Rest and Recovery Can Help You Take Your Performance to the Next Level

Balance Your State of Mind to be Effective and Content

We never know what ups and downs life is going to throw at us. We try to balance careers, families, errands, social lives, hobbies, friends, and workouts along with a million of other things – which can leave us feeling completely drained from time to time. Life is sometimes messy and hectic and in order to navigate our way through the uncertainty, we need something to rely on to make life easier to cope with. 

So, what can we do to ensure we have enough balance in our lives?

Find out in our latest blog post where we dive a bit deeper into our forth cornerstone balance.

Cornerstone #4: Balance

Our experience has shown that we need to go beyond exploring nutrients and focusing solely on physical activity. We need to have a more balanced approach to the way we live our lives if we want to heal our bodies, balance our minds, and soothe our emotions.

One way of seeking that inner balance – and diffuse stress - is through meditation and mindfulness, and by enjoying the company of friends and family. In relation to that fulfilment and gratitude might be just what’s needed to create a more balanced and healthy life. 

Using the basic principles, we talked about in our first cornerstones blog post How to achieve a healthier lifestyle with four cornerstones, balance to us is:

Quality: Mental balance can help to emphasize fulfilment, gratitude, appreciation, and joy in such a way we are better equipped to realize our potential. 

Sustainability: Taking care of your mental health, will help look after your general well-being

Natural: We think, the most natural way of getting mental balance is through thoughts. Being more forgiving towards yourself, contemplation and doing less it better than using stimulants. 

Variation: You can recharge our mental batteries the best with different techniques, and we should choose the one that fits us best in any given moment. Winding down with meditation, mindfulness, being in nature, listening to your favorite music, read a good book or socialize with friends and family time are all great ways to recharge your batteries.

7 Minute Guided Meditation from Puori’s founder, Oliver

When the World has you overwhelmed and you try to keep up with it all, it’s important to find balance between being present all the time and shutting off the outside world. Meditation can help you with that – and anyone can practice it.

It’s simple, inexpensive, doesn’t require any special equipment and you can do it almost everywhere – on a walk, before a meeting, while waiting for an appointment or in bed before you go to sleep. 

There are many benefits of meditation, but in short, they can help to clear your mind and bring a sense of calmness, peace and balance to your mind and body – which you can carry with you through your day.

Here we’re sharing a guided video meditation from our very own founder, Oliver. Enjoy!

You can do this short meditation wherever and whenever it suits you.

This is the fourth and last of our cornerstones blog series. We hope it inspired you to work towards achieving a healthier lifestyle - either by following our four cornerstones - Healthy Diet, Physical Activity, Recovery and Balance – or using them for inspiration to create your own. 

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