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Top 5 tips for sticking to Healthy Habits

You probably have a few things you want to improve about yourself, and it can be tempting to imagine you can tackle all of your problems at once when you’re feeling inspired.
But most of us struggle to keep the goals we set - our ambitious gym program gets abandoned, the vitamin bottles collect dust on the kitchen counter, and we feel overwhelmed and dejected by biting off more than we can chew.

Here are a few tips to make your self improvement ambitions turn into your reality this time around.

1. Set goals you can keep - and make them specific.

Sometimes, when setting new goals, we bite off more than we can chew. It can be helpful to break broader goals like into smaller, more actionable steps .

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2. Make your systems foolproof

James Clear writes about what makes behavioral changes stick in his world-renowned book Atomic Habits. He explains that to create a good habit you must:

Make it obvious. Make it attractive. Make it easy. Make it satisfying.

This is where we can take a closer look at P3, our daily supplement sachets. A daily dose of P3 fills common nutritional gaps in the modern person's diet - high-quality omega 3 fish oil, vitamin D3, and magnesium

P3 Health Essentials keeps these principles in mind:

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Easy: The pre packed daily sachets are sent to your door automatically every month , so restocking  can be permanently scratched from your to do list. You can edit your subscription as you please - no strings!

Attractive: With its compact and aesthetic design, you’ll be happy to  keep your vitamins in arms reach. No more fumbling with multiple jars - a sachet from the box can join you on the go.

Obvious: Premium quality, third party tested supplements that cover  the most pressing nutritional gaps in modern diets.

Satisfying: Being able to do something good for yourself everyday that requires such minimal effort is satisfying. A simple way to show yourself you care, every day.

P3 Health Essentials  is made to seamlessly incorporate itself  into your daily routine, and a similar philosophy can be applied to almost any habit you want to kickstart. If you design a game plan for your goal, your chance of success skyrockets.

3. Chart your progress

A quick hack that can improve motivation is to hang up a calendar devoted to your new habit - when you see you’ve done it many days in a row, you’ll want to keep the streak going.

4. Practice self-compassion if you slip up

Beating yourself up when you miss a day can be mistaken for holding yourself  accountable, but often has the opposite effect.

Though consistency is important, research suggests that the more we practice self-compassion, the more inclined we are to keep good things for ourselves. This makes holding on to healthy habits much more likely.

5. Take the sustainable approach

Motivational talk often glorifies the struggle - the hustle and pain involved in earth shattering self improvement.

Try allowing yourself to set actionable goals that are designed to be as pleasant for you as possible, and practice self compassion when you slip up.

Your new healthy habits can become a place of solace and shelter - a daily reminder that your well being is important, no matter what else is going on.